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What do I need to provide ?

    Starter Site clients should provide:
  • Domain name you wish to purchase & term of the registration (years)
  • Contact information (will be visible) including mailing address, phone & email.
  • Your logo as you would like it displayed. If you have high resolution files or an item with a logo on it.
  • Your advertising copy : newspaper, brochures, business card, yellow pages.
        (hard copies can be sent via normal 1st class mail)
  • Your ideas and what pieces of the advertising you wish to use online.
    What information should I place on my Starter Site ?
    As a consumer I want to know:
  • Who     Name & Logo
  • What     What do you provide for me = products, services
  • When     Your hours of operation, days open (seasonal notes)
  • Where     Your physical location
  • Why     Should I visit your shop ?
  • How     Do I get there, how do I Contact you ?
    note: web surfers tend to expect instant response from email.   If you check your email once a day or once a week, your visitors should know this so they don't get upset at a "slow" response.

    The basic information is placed on the entry page (index.html)
    If you purchased a second page, that could be used for a bit more detail on products and services you provide. Major vendor links, anything that defines to the visitor who and what your shop is to them.

The initial 1 or 2 page site could be all you need. Barring an address change, or hours of operation changes, you could have a web site that cost you the initial price only, with on-going annual fee of domain name renewal and a year of parking or hosting .

Or you can expand the site. Parked sites are updated by us, hosted sites can be updated by yourself , a third party or us.

Note: you can submit updates to us for a parked site and we will charge only for the time it takes us to upload and test the change.    

OK, I have a site up, what do I do next ?

    Links are important. Contacting your vendors and letting them know you have a website and email address. ( info@yourdomain.name is common and easy for most users ). I provide a link to your site within the dealer search which is growing faster than I can generate the maps.    

What else should I know ?

A web site can cost you as little or as much as you can stand :-).

    The things many sites list that are not static
  • Prices or Sales information
  • Class Schedules
  • Events and Trips

What shouldn't I do ?

    I suggest you avoid

  • VERY Large graphics
  • Embedded music
  • Cute rotating flaming potato type graphics
  • basically anything that takes a long time to display on a dial-up account that starts without the user requesting it
  • Anything that irritaes YOU when you visit a site (popup ads come to mind)

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