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Underwater Search & Recovery - Equipment & Dive Gear

Search Gear

Search related Equipment can range from nothing other yourself to employing remote sensing equipment.

Diver SonarSidescan SonarMarkersLift BagsRelocation Devices

Pelican Marker Recovery System

A reusable buoy made of structural foamed resin and weighs 16 oz. Includes over 100 feet of polyethylene 225 lb. test line and a 6 oz. non-drag dispatchable anchor. Color: Hi-visibility yellow with dayglow rings.
Use: Diver Deployed / Surface Deployed.

Xs Scuba 50lb SMB

50 lbs. of lift capacity, 7' long x 22" circumference (6' out of the water). Mil-Spec, urethane-backed, nylon material. SOLAS reflective tape on both sides for maximum visibility. Overpressure relief valve with pull for manual release. Anti-spill bottom with baffle to allow easy fill from any device and remains inflated until you empty it. Rolls up to compact size and stays closed with Velcro strap. Lifting strap with stainless steel D-ring at bottom
note: no oral inflate, rolled size = 8"x5" rolled

OMS 55lb SMB

5ft 2" tall 55 lbs of lift, manual dump valves and unique “non-air spill” openings that prevent your SMB from dumping air or taking on water when it hits the surface.
OMS Surface Market Buoy

price leaders:
Diver Sonar

Hawkeye Diver Sonar

The 2200PX is a handheld depth sounder. Not only will it give you instant depth readings, from 2.5 ' to 199', in 1/10th precision, but at the press of a button the display will give real-time temperature (water or air) and fish readings. Use it in the winter to shoot through ice before cutting your hole. Use it in the summer as a range finder and temperature meter while diving. Use it as a backup depth sounder on your pleasure boat.

* 1000 Watts of Sonar Power
* Waterproof to 200' (61M) Depths for Diving, Snorkeling and underwater Surveying
* Water or Air Temperature Readout to the nearest 1/10th Degrees F or C
* High Impact, Sure-Grip Rubberized Housing
* Automatic Mode provides Continuously Updated Readings
* SoftGlow Backlit LCD Display
* Floatable

Turns on automatically at depth. 4 AA batteries are good for about 4 hours down.

Shark Marine "Navigator"

Multi-freq sonar and 5" lcd screen provide target location up to 200M profiling and scanning modes, 1.GMhz Pentium, Windows XP, 30gb drive

Underwater Relocation System

Diver Pinger Receiver : The pinger receiver allows a diver to locate a pinger operating between 5 to 80 kHz, in depths up to 660 feet (200 meters). Beacons (Pingers) include the MARK-TRAK® A small and accurate acoustic marking and relocation system. Perfect for marking vehicles and other equipment packages. Low Cost Location Beacon This underwater beacon is a cost effective acoustic pinger used for marking equipment and underwater sites. Ideal for applications where size and weight are an issue. Offers flexible features that allow you to tailor it to your requirement.

rje beacon receiver
MARK-TRAK beaconlo-cost beacon
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